40FT Bitumen Bag Decanter 40FT Bitumen Bag Decanter
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ISO Size 40FT ISO - 12192mm x 2438mm x 2591mm
Material Tank Body Mild / Carbon Steel

The Danteco 40FT Bitumen Bag Decanter, also named big bag bitumen melting machine, bitumen collecting container and bitumen melter. Via direct-fired flame tube heating or thermal oil (hot oil) circulating and transferring heat to the unique Bitumen Bag Decanter. It is a special-purpose iso bitucontainer mainly applied to melt the solid bitumen stored and shipped in 1MT bags (big bags). The liquid bitumen can be used for asphalt plants or asphalt terminals to supply hot bitumen to other clients, produce asphalt mix, and other industrial purposes.

The Bitubag Decanter is based on a modular double-skin 40FTBitumen Container fitted with heating pipes and diesel burners. A 1.2 m x 1.2 m removable hatch is built into the tank's roof, which is removable using the lifting sling provided.

(1MT) One Ton Bitumen bags are fed through a 1.2 x 1.2-meter removable top hatch. Cutting the bottom of the PP bag with the tool provided will see the bitumen gently slide into the tank. By the time the next bag is trimmed, the previous one has dispersed into the tank. A total of 60 one-ton bags can be loaded per charge, matching one shipping container full of bags. On completion of the charge, the top hatch is placed back onto the roof, the roof chimneys are opened, and the burners are started.

The heating system consists of two (2) Max 8TL diesel burners permanently fitted to the heating pipes at one end of the container. Heating can be monitored with the help of a thermometer mounted near the discharge valve. During initial heating, this thermometer can be unscrewed and inserted into a sensor pocket halfway up the tank to guard against overheating of the bitumen, in which case the burners can be temporarily switched off or alternated between left and right. Instead of moving the thermometer, it is recommended to insert a second thermometer in the pocket halfway up and put the burners on a timer to regulate the heating.

Charging the Decanter takes about 2 hours. The heating cycle will take 8-10 hours, depending on the end temperature and whether or not the decanter is permanently kept in operation.

Once the decided temperature has been reached, as evidenced by the thermometer next to the discharge valve, switch off the burners, connect the discharge hose and open the discharge valve. To assist the initial flow, it is recommended to heat the discharge valve with an LPG or diesel torch.

Operational Requirements

Single Phase electric power for the diesel burners and a drum of diesel fuel. Two workers are required to feed in the bags. Lifting the bag loads is usually done via a forklift with extended forks, truck-crane-arm, or a small mobile crane.

Tips for Safe Operation

1. The removable top hatch has water drainage ducts on both sides; however, during heavy rain, the ducts may be unable to cope with the flow. Cover the hatch with a tarp; always check for water before filling the tank.
2. To avoid corrosion, place the decanter on four concrete blocks, one on each corner of sufficient height to prevent flooding.
3. Always empty the bitumen hose after discharge to avoid blockage.

Key Features:

  • Capacity: 60000L / (15850 US Gallons) 13198 Gallons Imp. 
  • High Payload Capacity 60MT Metric tonne loading capacity
  • 40FT ISO Bitucontainer Tank Design CSC Approved
  • Static Storage use or Intermodal
  • Bunded - Double Wall - Double Skin
  • Design temp. -40°C up-to +200°C / -40°F up-to +392°F
  • Flame Tube Design (direct fire) Option: thermal-oil heating
  • 3" and 4" outlet Bottom Discharge 100MM Ball valve includes 3" outlet with 3inch Cam-Lock coupling (male) & dust cap
  • Heavy Insulated 50mm~150mm where possible
  • Approvals by Lloyd's Register, the Netherlands



12192mm x 2438mm x 2591mm, 0.55 bar test pressure, double skin (bunded) and highly insulated, baffled, flame tube type (direct fire), re-heating by LPG gas burner or diesel burner.


  Metric Imperial
Nominal Capacity Tank 60000 LTR (15850 US GALLONS) 13198 GALLONS
Maximum Gross Weight 70000 KG 154323 LBS
Tare 10000 KG 22046 LBS
Working Pressure 0.30 bar 4,35 psi
Test Pressure 0.55 bar 7,98 psi
Relief Valve Set Pressure 0.32 bar / -0.21 bar/vac 4,64 psi / -3 vac/psi
Bursting Disc Setting 0.35 bar 5,08 psi / -3 vac/psi
Ambient Temp. Range -20°C to +65°C -20°F up-to +149°F
Maximum Cargo Temp 200°C 392°F
Shell Material Anti Corrosive CORTEN-A Steel SPA-H, B480, 3,0mm Double Wall Outer Corrugated 1,6mm
Design Code / Approvals BS ISO668, ISO830, ISO1161, ISO1496-4(1991), CSC(2014), ISO6346, LRCCS(2014), TIR(1975), UIC(2010),
Standard Fittings:
Man lid/Hatch Cover Special hatch for big bags 1MT ~ 1,2MT and 500mm (20") diameter, 6 point fixing, 14mm x 12mm seal, located center.
Calibration Volumetric chart, nominal capacity 60,000 liters available.
Airline / Vapor 40MM (11⁄2") ball valve, outlet 11⁄2" BSP, s/s screw cap.
Relief Valve 65MM (21⁄2") high flow flanged, operating pressure 0,22 bar. Capacity: 8710m3/hr.
Bursting Disc DN80 (3") 0.35 bar (32 psi) setting.
Top Inlet Blanked weld-in flange drilled 6 M12 holes @ 168 pcd, provision for optional fitting of 80mm (3") stainless steel butterfly valve. DN80, ASA 150 bolted blank flange outlet, 80mm (3") removable full-length syphon tube.
Bottom Discharge Guard stainless steel 100MM 4" Ball valve - Outlet 3" BSP Flange with 3" Camlock Couplings and 3" Dust Cap.
Gaskets & Seals Parts in contact with cargo, PTFE/Teflon.
Flame Tube Heating Two (2) sets DN200 Φ159x6.0mm, Φ219x6.0mm, Burner Connections, incl. 2x protection sleeves inside the main flame tube.
Insulation 50MM (2") inorganic Rockwool (CFC free); Thermal Conductivity: ≤ 0.044 w/(m2.k), Bottom Insulation 150MM (6")
Document Holder / Earth It is fitted rear end, suitable for shipping documents, MSDS, etc. Earth is located at the rear.
Data Plate / Markings Stainless steel data plate detailing specifications fitted rear end.
Frame The Bitumen Bag Decanter container frame shall be mainly composed of an inner box-type tank for bitumen, internal heating pipes, insulation, and nozzles, two (2) end frames, two (2) top side rails, two (2) bottom side rails, two (2) sidewalls and eight (8) corner fittings.
Ladder They have intergraded at the front end.
Temperature Gauge Analogue gauge fitted rear end: -20°C to +300°C. / -4°F to +572°F.
Sensor Socket 1/2" BSP fitted rear end
Color RAL 9005 or custom

Actual measurements and specifications may vary and are subject to confirmation. 
Tank containers are supplied per the manufacturer's (Danteco Industries BV) general trading terms and conditions.

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