ISO Tank Container Sales

ISO Tank Container Sales

Danteco Industries is a trusted sales company, supplier, and manufacturer of specialized new and used bitumen tank containers, cement silo tanks, and isotainer, ISO tank containers. We offer innovative tank container designs and the best service to our customers across various industries and locations.

We promote the specific and ever-changing needs of chemical producers.

Safely transporting hazardous and non-hazardous chemicals is essential to our customers and us. In this company, we contribute to the worldwide safe distribution of all kinds of bulk substances. We can do this with substances such as bitumen, asphalt, emulsion (bitumen), cement, limestone, heavy crude oil, diesel, and many other chemicals or foodstuff products. We also supply designs suitable for transporting liquids, industrial gases, powders, and fly ash in bulk. Good communication is crucial; we take the time to review everything with the customer.

We provide technical and commercial customization.

A wide range of intermodal equipment gives Danteco Industries its strong position in the market, we know what we sell, and the customer can contact us with any questions. We also have an extensive, acknowledged depot network worldwide for our customers. We do this because we want to keep costs as low as possible and save time. We also do this to promote the safe, reliable, and efficient transfer of bulk liquids and dry bulk products.


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