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Tank Top Walkways "Aluminum"                                       

Metal Sheet Gratings

Slip-resistant surface with both upward and raised perforations

The upwards-perforated surface with its non-slip design provides a surface which gives superior gripping properties which offers the highest safety.

General Informations

Tank Top Walkways "Aluminum"  

The oval-shaped openings permit liquids to run off easily. Walkways are available in different heights and widths, and can be tailored to suit your individual requirements.

Can be used in many different application areas. You can see it on industrial gangways and stairs, at elevators, oil tanks or tank containers, at the agriculture, at railed vehicles or at shipyards.


37 % permeable to air

high slip resistance

to be used mainly outside and wet working areas

liquids will flow off quickly

translucent and permeable to air