Tank Container Parts

Tank Container Parts Tank Container Parts Tank Container Parts

Danteco Industries stocks a special selected program to meet your requirements for Tank Container parts and Intermodal equipment in general.


Tank Container and Road tanker parts pressure & vacuum relief valves, flame gauzes, ball & butterfly valves, manhole lidseals, O-rings, manometers, tank-thermometers, flanges, fittings, tanktruck couplings, camlock quick couplings, documentholders, bursting discs, dipsticks, swingbolts, dustcaps, ..


Lashing Equipment Systems: for lashing containers and shiploads, marine twist-locks, stacking cones, intermediate fittings, ISO corner-castings, container components. 


General Informations

Tank Container Parts


Security Systems: custom seals (plastic and metal cable seals), container and trailer locks.

Gratings and Raw Materials: press gratings, profiles, aluminum /stainless steel Coils, sheets, cat-eye walkways,  etc..

Our spare parts program in Rotterdam can supply you with almost every spare you require from all kind of original manufacturers all over the world, Fortvale, Meca Inox, Alfa valves, Meca France, Perolo, Keystone, Bac, Worchester, Mecathermic /Gensolen, Fisher LP-Gas equipment, ect.


We supply of a full range of components for the safe transport, storage and process of hazardous liquids, foodstuffs, powders and compressed liquefied gases.


Tank Containers & other pressure vessels for the transportation of liquids, gases and powders.

Our product range includes manways and hatches, airline valves, safety relief devices, top and bottom discharge valves and secondary closure valves together with associated ancillaries and fittings.


Equipment for:


Tank Containers

Road Tanker trailers

Non-refrigerated liquefied gas tank container

Swap body tank containers

Offshore refueling tank containers

IBC units

Powder tank containers

Rail tank containers

Static storage tanks


We supplies standard sets of equipment specifically for the tank container, road tanker, tank truck, gas tank, process plant, IBC and rail tank industries.