20FT Bulk Cement Tank 22,5CBM Featured

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CEMENT TANK 20FT BULK 22.500L Loading Capacity CEMENT TANK 20FT BULK 22.500L Loading Capacity CEMENT TANK 20FT BULK 22.500L Loading Capacity

20FT TANK CONTAINER FOR BULK CEMENT is approved by international statutory authorities for the safe transportation of bulk cement, lime stone powder products.

General Informations

Cement Tank Container (Bulk)

Danteco supplies bulk 22,500-litre loading capacity ISO 20' cement tanks. Our cement tank is separated for four purposes: tank containers for cement storage, short-sea, deep-sea shipping and rail transportation.

The tank containers are suitable for the transportation of bulk cement or coal powder by rail, road and ship. All materials used in the construction shall withstand extremes of temperature range from -19ºC to +80ºC / -2,2ºF to +176ºF without effecting on the strength of the container.

All Danteco tanks are of the highest quality design and construction, and conform strictly to the latest international approvals.


Please note that in certain exceptional cases, the containers operated by Danteco may have specifications that differ from the descriptions above.

Also, cargo in container must conform to the dimensional regulations and laws stipulated by the host country, thus payload capacity may be affected. For more information or assistance, please contact our customer service. 


  • 22.500 LTR Loading Capacity
  • 26.000 LTR Tank Volume
  • 20FT ISO Full Frame Design
  • Design temp. -19ºC to +80ºC / -2,2ºF to +176ºF
  • Max. Gross Weight 32,000 kg / 70548 LBS
  • 4" male adaptor
  • Loading weight 27,800 kg / 61288 LBS
  • Approvals by Lloyd's Register