General Cargo Container Equipment

General Cargo Container Equipment General Cargo Container Equipment General Cargo Container Equipment

General Cargo Container Equipment

High quality general purpose containers offer the perfect solution to most storage problems. Constructed to meet the intense demands of sea travel, shipping containers are strong, secure and weather and vermin proof - key requirements for both temporary and permanent storage.

Easy transportation, flexible rental and purchase options and the simplicity with which containers can be modified to meet a huge range of individual needs are key benefits of container use for storage.

For homes, businesses, farms, community groups, schools, sporting associations and clubs, Danteco's General Purpose containers provide an inexpensive, secure and easily accessible storage solution. 

General Informations

General Cargo Container Equipment

Standard steel containers are closed weather-tight containers that are suitable for any general cargo. 20' standard steel containers have a payload capacity of up to 28,160 kg, close to the payload capacity of most 40' standard steel containers.

This makes 20' standard steel containers especially suitable for high-density, heavyweight cargo.

Some of the standard features on the general purpose containers below:

Left Door Lock

There are no seal holes on the locking handle catches of all left doors to eliminate the security risk of putting the seal on the wrong locking handle catch.

Forklift Pockets

Available on 20' containers, these enable handling of empty containers by forklift trucks.

Door Overlap Plate 

This serves to safeguard against the door from being priced open by force.

Gooseneck Tunnel 

A regular feature with container sizes 40' and above, this centers the container to the gooseneck chassis for a more secured transportation.