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Bitumen Tank - Thermal-Oil Type Bitumen Tank - Thermal-Oil Type Bitumen Tank

20' HC T3 ISO BITUMEN TANK with Thermal-Oil (hot-oil) heating system are approved by international statutory authorities for the safe transportation of Bitumen,

Asphalt, Modified Bitumen, Emulsion and Heavy Crude Oil products. 

General Informations

20' HC Bitumen Tank Thermal-Oil Type

Danteco supplies 25,000-litre ISO bulk bitumen tank with thermal-oil system. Our bitumen tank are separated for four purposes: bitumen tank for bitumen storage, short-sea, deep-sea shipping and rail transportation.

All Danteco tanks are of the highest quality design and construction, and conform strictly to the latest international approvals. 

Please note that in certain exceptional cases, the containers operated by Danteco may have specifications that differ from the descriptions above.

Also, cargo in container must conform to the dimensional regulations and laws stipulated by the host country, thus payload capacity may be affected. For more information or assistance, please contact our customer service. 

  • Capacity: 25000L / 5500 US Gallons
  • T3 20FT HC ISO Full Frame Design
  • Design temp. -40°C up-to +200°C / -40°F up-to +392°F
  • Thermal Oil (Hot-Oil) Design heating system
  • 3" and/or 4" Bottom Discharge include 3” Cam-Lock coupling (m) & dustcap
  • Heavy Insulated 50mm
  • Approvals by Lloyd's Register, the Netherlands.