Glycol Heating Systems

Glycol Heating System Glycol Heating System Glycol Heating System

Glycol Heating ISO Tank System

We offer heating systems for tank containers, tank trailers. Heat carrier is pure glycol or a water / glycol mixture, which is pumped through steam pipes on the tank out-wall.

General Informations

Glycol Heating System

Electrical control, heater element and circulation pump are mounted inside a solid stainless steel housing that again is mounted on the frame of the tank container. Depending on the mixture ratio temperatures up to 140°C are possible.


Because of its wide range of application we offer varied types of our glycol systems- standard systems with 12kW heat-power, double systems with 19.2kW heat-power and finally with diesel-burner heated systems, which can operate up to 72 hours independently from mains power supply.