Diesel Burners

Diesel Burner 95 KW Diesel Burner 95 KW Diesel Burners 95 KW

Diesel Burners especially tuned for danteco's bitumen tank containers.


Having acquired a wealth of experience through our work with professionals in the field, we supply a new generation of burners that combine improved performance, precision and reliability.

Type L01.95 & Type MAX8 TL


Type: L01.95

Diesel Burner Type L01.95

These burners are designed, developed and built in compliance with European Standards EN 267 for burners and EN 29002 (ISO 9002) for manufacture.

Diesel burners are manufactured in compliance with the quality assurance certificate AFAQ ISO 9002.

Electrical connection 

The electrical installation and the burner connection must comply with the standards currently in force. The burner is delivered with a 7-pole male plug used to connect the single phase 230V-50Hz power supply to the earth and thermostats.

Oil connection 

The tubes are connected to the piping using R 3/8 connectors. Allow enough slack for burner removal.


Diesel Burner

Diesel Burner

Diesel Burner

Easy commissioning

• The burner is mounted on the front of the boiler using a multi-purpose aluminum clamp, ensuring compatibility with all new and existing installations.

• The clamp is designed to ensure a slight angle to the burner to direct excess fuel into the furnace.

• Combustion head penetration can be adjusted to suit all boiler furnaces.

• The multi-pin electrical connector removes any risk of error.

• The tubes are attached to the pump and marked on the installation side.

          flame view              flame view


All controls and displays are grouped together on the control panel to provide easy access.

Air flow adjustment  

The air register is designed to enable linear adjustment: the air flow is proportional to the included angle and the 180° adjustment range provides increased accuracy.

Combustion head adjustment 

The position of the baffle in relation to the end piece is shown by a micrometric value on the control panel. Settings values can easily be read during maintenance.

Burner maintenance: optimal efficiency 

• The advanced housing design provides full access to the air flow system, combustion components and different electrical and mechanical components.

• All electrical components use plugs and-socket connections.

• The factory settings provide a turnkey solution that offers faultless operation from the outset.

• The precision air shutter and combustion head settings ensure the burner meets specific output requirements.

• The cover ensures safety and maintains settings. It also prevents disconnection of the power supply.